Incozol BH is our aldimine latent curing agent for joint sealants, elastic bonding adhesives and general sealing and bonding compounds.

It's particularly useful in high-build polyurethane systems as it hydrolyses on exposure to moisture to give you a reactive amine crosslinker and benzaldehyde. That means faster through-cure and no carbon dioxide. Latent curing agents also speed up the cure of low NCO containing prepolymers.

Incozol BH has been designed for one component PU systems and is suitable for use with both aromatic and aliphatic prepolymers. It has excellent in-can stability with aromatic prepolymers, making it a better choice for 1K aromatic systems than standard latent curing agents.

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Incozol BH

Features & Benefits
  • Aldimine latent curing agent that hydrolyses on exposure to moisture, yielding a reactive amine crosslinker and benzaldehyde.
  • Enables bubble free curing at elevated temperature & humidity levels.
  • Suitable for use with both aromatic and aliphatic prepolymers.
  • Very low viscosity.
  • Very good storage stability with aromatic isocyanates.
  • Low temperature crystallisation stability (down to -20°C).
  • Excellent shelf-life.
Typical Applications
  • Flexible Joint Sealants
  • Elastic Bonding Adhesives
  • General Sealing & Bonding Compounds
Typical Properties


Equivalent Weight


Typical Viscosity @ 20ºC (cP)


Density (g/cm³)


Colour (APHA)

Colourless to slightly yellow

Flash Point (°C)



Incozol BH TDS

Incozol BH SDS

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