Thoughts - 11th October 2018

Oxazolidines: The Answer to PU Formulation Problems

If you are in the polyurethane formulators business, there are a number of challenges that have to be faced when formulating products.  Performance, VOC legislation, curing time are all factors that must be taken into consideration but what can formulators do to overcome one of the biggest issues - how to deal with the presence of moisture?

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Thoughts - 25th September 2018

Chemistry to Perform

It makes a difference when it comes to relationships, but having the right chemistry is also a key ingredient in the creation of polyurethane coatings, adhesives, and sealants. Like any good relationship, it’s something you must work hard at in order to achieve the best result. This is why custom chemistry is often seen as one of the best ways to create tailored products that will continually take performance to new levels. So, what is the secret to custom chemistry, and how can it make a difference in a market saturated with so much choice? Ian Martin, Technical Manager for Incorez, discusses further.

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Thoughts - 29th June 2016

Why do I do my job?

I was asked this seemingly simple question recently and it got me thinking.

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Thoughts - 14th April 2016

My first impressions of the chemical industry

My name is Neil Causer and I’m part way through my 12 month placement at Incorez.

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Thoughts - 09th November 2015

Creating a good customer experience

I’m Cathie Clay, Sales Support Manager and I look after the Sales Support Team at Incorez.

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