Thoughts - 29th June 2016

Why do I do my job?

I was asked this seemingly simple question recently and it got me thinking.

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Thoughts - 14th April 2016

My first impressions of the chemical industry

My name is Neil Causer and I’m part way through my 12 month placement at Incorez.

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Thoughts - 09th November 2015

Creating a good customer experience

I’m Cathie Clay, Sales Support Manager and I look after the Sales Support Team at Incorez.

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Thoughts - 07th October 2015

The challenges of industrial marketing

There are many. Tight budgets, limited resources, complex products, fragmented markets and multiple sales channels are just some.

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Thoughts - 07th July 2015

Delivering Custom Chemistry - An Internal Perspective

At Incorez we talk a lot about custom chemistry, it’s our company strapline and the approach is fundamental to everything we do here.

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