Products - 22nd September 2017

In many work environments, places of leisure and even in our own homes we take thousands of steps on various surfaces every single day. The market is saturated with so much choice. Recent trends have seen a huge rise in resin flooring, with customers demanding custom chemistry for their specific performance requirements. So what is the chemistry behind the resins?? We'd like to tell you a little more about the epoxy-amine chemistry we use here at Incorez and how we use it to create high performance hardeners, in particular, our new amine curing agent Incorez 148-055.  

Epoxy systems are becoming more and more versatile as the demand for higher performance and critical properties is constantly expanding in the industrial coatings industry. Ultimately, the fundamental performance properties of these systems depend on the nature of the amine curing agent. There are many perceived weaknesses of water-based curing agents, namely that they cannot achieve the same performance as solvent-based technology. Admittedly, this is a challenge, but not one we shy away from!

Here at Incorez, we love to get to know our customers. More specifically, we like to get to know what they want and how we can solve their problems. This is why we’ve been working to develop a hardener that specifically addresses the key issues our customers face with water-based curing agents. In the past, one of the main drivers for our curing agents has been to keep our technology as hazard-free as possible, steering away from solvents, additives and even more importantly, APEO’s. More recently we’ve also been focusing on taking performance to a new level, developing a hardener that has good universal compatibility with all epoxy resin types and addresses fundamental challenges with water-based technology, such as low-temperature cure, blushing and water resistance.

For two component, water-based epoxy coatings, Incorez 148-055 offers an ideal combination of high-gloss with excellent hardness, fast cure speed, good mix viscosity and superior colour stability.It’s rapid hardness development and good chemical resistance make it an excellent choice for decorative and industrial floor coatings. The nature of the hardener technology used in preparing our new epoxy curing agent makes it an easy, cost-effective option for many applications.For more information on our range of hardeners or any of our other custom chemistry solutions please feel free to get in touch.  


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