Products - 05th September 2018

Used as an epoxy curing agent, the Amirez range contains curing agents designed to facilitate a host of high-performance floor paints, primers, and screeds, depending on the type of gloss, cure, or hardness required. This innovative product range is notable as a user-friendly, environmentally-friendly solution. Amirez is a waterborne, ultra-low VOC, low odour system – it is as safe as it’s reliable. It also contains superb abrasion and impact resistance, providing exceptional long-term protection for decorative and industrial floors.

Amirez technology combines polyamine and epoxy resins, to create resolutely durable coatings. Highly chemical, water, and solvent resistant, the Amirez range contains four products: Amirez 148/010, 148/024, 148/055 and 142. Each system has its own properties, for a range of applications, all containing the same quality throughout: excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.

Incorez’s Preston-based expert research and development team has the skills and experience to develop customised solutions for individual clients. Tushar Trivedi, Application Manager at Incorez, said: “Amirez removes all the guesswork from flooring formulation. Whatever your surface requirement, Amirez will help you achieve it in the safest, simplest, most environmentally-friendly way. It is a revelatory addition to the flooring market.”


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