General News - 17th March 2016

Incorez, a global leader in Oxazolidine chemistry and manufacturer of specialist resins and polymers, will be showcasing the IncozolĀ® range of Oxazolidine Technology at the American Coatings Show 2016 (Indianapolis, IN, USA, April 12-14).

The IncozolĀ® range of high performance additives brings exceptional levels of performance to polyurethane coatings, adhesives and sealants. These advanced oxazolidines speed up curing and prevent the generation of CO2. This eliminates bubbling on application, preserving aesthetics and minimising pinhole defects, so you get a better finish and improved film integrity.

Representing Incorez at the show will be members of the sales and technical teams, who will be available at Booth 1568 to answer any questions on the company’s portfolio of resins and polymers.

Join us for a Technical Seminar on Mon 11th April at 1.00pm in Room 121 at the Indiana Convention Center to find out more about our great range of products.

For more information contact: Mark Yamout (

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