General News - 13th September 2018

The two-day conference had a diverse and action-packed schedule. The first day began with a welcome speech from Neil Carter, Business Unit Manager at Incorez, who discussed the company’s present strategy. This was followed by a workshop held by Ian Martin, Technical Manager, who focused on the importance of customer chemistry and relationships. He expressed the importance of customised services, using the R&D team in Preston, UK, as a prime example of customer acquisition. He ended the workshop by offering salient advice on how Incorez can help agents develop within their own market places – an important element of the company’s future.

Incorez’s brand new, state-of-the-art water-based epoxy hardener, Amirez 148/055, was launched by Tushar Trivedi, Applications Manager. A product designed to revolutionise the flooring market, Amirez was met with praise by Incorez’s agents. Committed to product technology and design, the new product will be an asset to the market and to Incorez’s development.

Another product was also unveiled, by Kirk Booth, R&D Chemist. Kirk has worked for Incorez for over 15 years, so has gained a wealth of experience in product development. He presented the range of polyurethane dispersions under the Dispurez® brand, which will be available across multiple application markets, for the global agents to promote to customers.

Incorez agents conference

To finish the first day on a high note, Tushar held an interactive workshop, to help agents maximise their customer promotion skills, especially when endorsing the Incozol product range. Lastly, Fiona Gale, Marketing Manager, closed the day with a session on digital marketing, a key strategy to optimising Incorez’s global reach.

The second day started with another interactive workshop, held by Chris McNair, UK Regional Sales Manager. A fun, inspiring workshop, it demonstrated how agents can build upon their current customer service skillset.

Then it was time for the agents to take the limelight. All agents gave a country-by-country account of the successes and challenges faced in each region, providing fundamental insight into Incorez’s global operations. A constructive and positive session, the insight will influence Incorez’s future. The conference ended on an even higher note than the first day with Michel Eberlein celebrated Incorez’s global customer successes; before the customary visit to Dublin’s Guinness Factory!

A time for discussion, planning and celebration, the Conference realigned Incorez’s global objectives and strategies, for the agents to magnify their global customer base and overall sales.

Incorez agents conference 2018

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