The Company

A private speciality manufacturer of elastic polyurethane adhesives for marine applications.

The Problem

The company had developed a range of one component, MDI based polyurethane elastic adhesives, used for a wide range of marine bonding applications, e.g. deck to hull bonding, bedding of chainplates etc.

The use of polyurethane based adhesives led to blister formation in high humidity conditions. This blister formation reduced the adhesive strength of the bond and led to customer complaints.

The Solution

Incorez introduced Incozol BH latent curing agent technology to the company, and were able to furnish guide formulations and provide further formulation support to enable the adoption of this technology.

The use of Incozol BH allowed the company to formulate blister free polyurethane adhesives, even when applied directly in humid conditions.

The Benefits

Incozol BH technology provides an array of advantages in one component, elastic marine polyurethane adhesives

Additional benefits include:

  • Elimination of blisters
  • Reduction in the prepolymer functionality and the binder content due to the formation of urea groups
  • MDI content below 0.1%
  • Solvent free formulations
  • High bond strength
Case Study

Incozol BH - Latent curing agent for 1K marine adhesive applications