General - 07th April 2020

So whilst it might seem an insignificant detail in the construction or refurbishment of a building, the performance of coatings should not be underestimated. Playing a crucial role in the performance of a building throughout its lifetime, but with only a small fraction of the total construction cost, what is the chemistry behind these polyurethane-based coatings to ensure they are flexible, stable and durable under any environmental and load conditions?   

When it comes to the curing time of protective coatings and floor surfaces, time is money. It is why formulators and applicators require products that ensure a fast application and minimal downtime. Designed to accelerate curing in a wide range of temperatures that are particularly low, Aldirez A is a high-performance accelerator that can be used with 2K PU primers for fast-curing protective coatings and floor surfaces.

This versatile additive is a bis-aldimine that facilitates bubble-free performance in both aromatic and aliphatic pre-polymers, even at low temperatures and high humidity conditions. Offering a typical viscosity of 25-40cP at 20°C, Aldirez A provides the ability to create primers that remain remarkably resilient and bubble-free.

With formulators increasingly under pressure from applicators to improve turnaround efficiency, whilst at the same time retaining a workable pot life, Aldirez A plays its part in a professional bubble-free finish, no matter how low the temperature gets.  With applicators faced with continuing time and cost pressures, it’s easy to see why Aldirez A is a vital part of any successful coatings application.

The search for products which help improve the performance of formulated systems is constantly evolving. The culmination of years of research and innovation, the Aldirez range is truly versatile and can be tailored and ‘customised’ to meet the most specialised application, by the skilled and experienced Incorez technical team in Preston.

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