General - 01st June 2020

1. In which applications can we use Incozol® product range?

Incozol® products are recommended for 1K and 2K polyurethane solvent based and/or solvent free systems.

2. What are the benefits of using Incozol® oxazolidines in 1K and 2K PU systems?

Incozol® oxazolidines work as a moisture scavenger and prevent generation of CO2 in PU systems. This eliminates bubbling on application to help preserve aesthetics and minimise pinhole defects, giving you a better finish and improved film integrity. In 1K PU systems, some Incozol® products work as a latent hardener which accelerates cure and provides cross-linking benefits. In addition, Incozol® oxazolidines enhance properties such as through-cure development and mechanical strength through the elimination of CO2 gassing in high-build, high-solid PU systems.

3. To achieve 1K stability (shelf life) with Incozol® oxazolidines, which type of isocyanates are recommended?

IPDI prepolymer ( 4% NCO) and TDI prepolymers. Oxazolidines help formulators to use lower isocyanate-containing prepolymers to achieve a good balance of cure and stability in-can.

4. Do Incozol® oxazolidines provide 1K stability (shelf life) with MDI?

No, Incozol® oxazolidines do not provide 1K stability with MDI. The main reason behind this is rather than forming six-membered rings the oxazolidines are inducing oligomerization reactions among the isocyanates, due to their intrinsic alkalinity. To achieve 1K stability with MDI prepolymers, we recommend the use of Aldirez BH.

5. What are the manufacturing requirements needed to create stable 1K PU systems?

The manufacturing should be carried out in an enclosed vessel with nitrogen and vacuum blanketing. The moisture ingress during the manufacturing should be avoided in order to achieve better 1K stability as the raw materials used are all susceptible to moisture.

6. At what stage should Incozol® oxazolidines be incorporated during the manufacture of 1K PU systems?

The Incozol® oxazolidines should be incorporated at the very last stage, after the moisture/water content of the system is

7. How do you measure the water content of the system?

The water content should be measured by using the Karl Fischer titration technique.

8. Why it is important to measure the water content before incorporating/adding Incozols®?

Due to the chemistry of Incozols®, they react with moisture (from raw materials and also atmosphere) and thus produce amines and alcohol groups. These amines and alcohol groups will then react with %NCO and thus will form polyurethane and polyurea linkages. So, the 1K stability (shelf life) will reduce if the moisture content is high in the system before adding/incorporating Incozol®.

9. Are Incozol® oxazolidines recommended for 2K MDI and/or 2K HDI PU systems?

Yes, the recommended products are Incozol 2 and Incozol LV.

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