General - 31st March 2020

What to look for in sealants

The importance of correct product specification has never been more important and the implications of even the smallest change can have huge implication. So whilst it might seem an insignificant detail in the construction or refurbishment of a building or structure, the performance of sealants should not be underestimated. Playing a crucial role in the performance of a building throughout its lifetime, but with only a small fraction of the total construction cost, what is the chemistry behind these polyurethane-based sealants to ensure they are flexible, stable and durable under any environmental and load conditions?  

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General - 19th September 2019

Nothing Gets Through The Ideal Sealant

As a company continually striving to improve the performance of formulated systems, Incorez’s new Aldirez range of Aldimines ensure effective sealant and protective coatings formulation, and exceptional bubble-free curing.

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General - 30th May 2019

Ask the Expert - Interview with Dr Ian Martin, Technical Manager

As a technical manager, I am always looking for opportunities to grow our business through furthering our understanding of what our customer’s needs are and developing new products to satisfy those needs.  When any member of the Sales team returns from seeing a customer, we assess whether there is an opportunity or need to develop something specific for them.

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General - 25th February 2019

Interview with Alison Manning, R & D Team Leader, Incorez Ltd

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General - 16th January 2019

Interview with Tushar Trivedi, Internatioanl Sales and Applications Manager, Incorez Ltd

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