Products - 15th March 2016

Want VOC compliant polyurethane coatings with low viscosity? Here's how.

Viscosity. It’s all around us and it affects us every day without us even realising it.

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Products - 08th January 2016

Why our Polyurethane Dispersions are additive free

Let me share with you a conversation I had with a potential customer looking to use one of our polyurethane dispersions (PUDs).

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Products - 08th September 2015

Hazard-Free Chemistries for the Future

When considering the use of a new product, I’m always asking the question, what hazards does it contain?

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Products - 17th August 2015

Oxazolidines are the answer

Traditional polyurethane coating applications have a slow and haphazard curing process, which allows moisture or humidity to cause unwanted reactions, generating CO2 bubbles.

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Products - 03rd August 2015

Why use a Polyurethane Dispersion?

It’s a simple question. Why should I use a polyurethane dispersion?

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