General News - 03rd October 2016

Incorez celebrates 30 years



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Thoughts - 29th June 2016

Why do I do my job?

I was asked this seemingly simple question recently and it got me thinking.

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Thoughts - 14th April 2016

My first impressions of the chemical industry

My name is Neil Causer and I’m part way through my 12 month placement at Incorez.

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General News - 17th March 2016

American Coatings Show 2016

Incorez, a global leader in Oxazolidine chemistry and manufacturer of specialist resins and polymers, will be showcasing the IncozolĀ® range of Oxazolidine Technology at the American Coatings Show 2016 (Indianapolis, IN, USA, April 12-14).

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Products - 15th March 2016

Want VOC compliant polyurethane coatings with low viscosity? Here's how.

Viscosity. It’s all around us and it affects us every day without us even realising it.

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